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понеделник, 7 април 2014 г.

I am free , but the fight for freedom continues !

In the world of winners is no room for superficial , lazy and abusive people . There are only people who have removed the shackles from his limbs . Looking through the glasses as possible, wear earplugs to hear not impossible people, moving slowly to correct mistakes and skilful, cleanse the brain and the mind of the old ideas and beliefs. They know that the world is changing and they are changing to it . But even when they win , they know that there is still much to work . They not only think about the time , they think , and the reason for the investigation. But what's the use of the above described after a person has chosen to be a prisoner in your own life. Public opinion expressed a life sentence for him, and the limitations that it sets are those guards who led him to the electric chair. And then, all hardness bumpkins ask in unison : "What is your last wish, except that you can not be free? " Author : Niki Stilenstail

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