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петък, 20 май 2016 г.


If you have a lot of money (generally if you have more money) (more money means to cover the costs for your lifestyle and still have money) and someone wants to steal them is better to invest (but if you have not invest in education first invest in it)
(quality education it costs a lot, so you can buy a book for personality development to facilitate your lifestyle) in a lot of things in different things and various locations around the world, some even buy parts of the moon and other planets. Even say that some buying parts of the Milky Way and even whole stars and meteorites. Even there auctions at the birth of new stars, who first will buy it. But in general the investment is part of the skill or art to have more money (some people just do not know how to keep the money). So if someone is willing to steal. Will they have the skills, knowledge, energy and time to go everywhere and look for everything ? Because the Earth is too large and the space is infinite. So they will not have time to find something because it might be the size of a key, but cost more than the planet itself. It is there how, how have bombs that are the size of a battery of television remote control, and can destroy the world with an explosion ! I guess I'll say no way too small. Scientists will say something with such a small size can not cause such a big explosion. There is a way, but you have not read effectively. And if you ask for more, I have a right to say that i will not answer !